Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home is where the 27-inch monitor is

Wow has it been that long since I last posted here? It has been tough settling into a new creative routine…moving can be very disruptive, especially when you're as easily distracted as I am! So what's happened since March? Well in short, our temporary move to San Francisco became permanent (when Mike's job did). We found an apartment over the summer and moved our stuff from Texas, and I've spent the last few months settling us in and looking for work. 

How about, for my first post from our new San Francisco residence, a little housewarming party where I show off my new workspace? It won't take long—moving from Texas to SF requires some downsizing! But I love my new little nook beside the stairs: 

Everything I need is within reach. And it's impossible to feel cramped anyway when a look to your left brings you this incredible view…

But the two best things about my new creative space are: one, my new 27-inch Apple Cinema Display (I can't believe how long I spent working within the confines of my laptop screen!); and two, the awesome desk I scored at the Alameda Flea Market.

The vendor told me it came from an old post office, which was verified by a stamp on the underside. I love the "standard issue" gray paint color of the wooden base, the utilitarian brass drawer pulls and screwed-on metal trim, and most of all, the incredible patina of the worn greenish vinyl that covers the top surface. (Not least because it means I don't have to worry if I make a mark on it!)

So now you have a picture in your mind of where I'm writing from, or when I don't post for another six months, where I'm not writing from! :-)


  1. What a beautiful office space! I love it. :D

  2. I see that and it makes me want to make something.

  3. Love the desk, the monitor, and the view! Glad to know you are settling into SF on a(s) permanent (a) basis (as any of us have these days).

    So, if I work up the money to go take some T'ai Chi lessons from Mr. Lo in SF, can I crash on your couch? :-)