Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cross-stitch iPhone case

Here’s a fun project I did over the holidays. As a gift I received a do-it-yourself iPhone case made to be cross-stitched with your own design—how cool is that? It's basically a plastic case with a grid of holes for stitching. 

People who know me might know that I have a penchant for big old sailing ships, the pirate-y-er the better. So here's what I made:

I made blank grids as a template for myself so I could sketch out the design. After a few iterations, I was happy with it and got stitching.

There's something about the Christmas holidays that just makes me crave a needlework project! In fact I am pretty sure my in-laws assume I am cranking on some project at all times...While I wish I were that industrious, it's just that we mostly them on the holidays, they almost never see me without a needle in my hand. :-) In any case (oops, no pun intended), it was a perfectly-timed gift!


  1. Your awesome friends have awesome gift giving sense!! :)

  2. Hey there! I just picked up the same case and was wondering if you could share the blank template you used to sketch out your image. I'm lazy and would absolutely appreciate it. If not, totally understandable. If so, you rock! Thanks!

    1. Shoot, I just looked for the template on my computer and I must have gotten rid of the file. Lame, it would have been a good thing to hold onto!

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